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SS aerospace lever, special ID spline timed to precision slots .0005” tolerance width

Medical prototype, R&D jaws, SS jaws EDM cut from round bar stock using indexing, rapid prototype precision steel parts

R&D or prototype snap rings, hardened spring steel stock, stack 40 pieces high for wire EDM of 40-500 pieces, fast turnaround

Thin material intricate or complex shapes are ideal candidates for wire EDM stacking efficiency, production form 40 to 5000 pieces typical

Aerospace Fin, light weight, thin .005” ribs, sharp corner detail 17-4 PH SS material

Carbide Die Insert, “E” ring stamping die with land and taper

Precision SS collimator combs with tapered slots aimed at distant focal point

EDM is ideal for small, fine pitch ID spline work, made complete with EDM, 50 to 200 lot size, ID spline, clevis and precision hole with tight tolerance location to spline pitch diameter

Fine wire EDM details, .002” to .004” inside Radius corners, narrow slot width control

copper electronics heat sinks & kovar bases, special logos, high precision flexures

Tungsten collimator with precision slots each taper cut to a precise focal point

Power Generation components, SS material, fuel tie rods, wire EDM production 1.2” square X 2” length, 200 to 500 lot size

Low volume special slot car chassis, wire EDM stacking production, Aluminum electronics part

Various finished items

Power Generation, SS and Inconel material, internal root turbine bucket blanks

SS aerospace lever, special ID spline timed to precision slots .0005” tolerance width

Inconel turned rings, aerospace, delicate fragile parts need oval windows thru one wall, sinker/ram EDM production, multiple piece setup, indexing

Tight tolerance small inside cavity details, surgical tools

Strain gauge load cell mounts, A-286 super alloy, used to monitor motion in super conducting accelerator magnets

Flexure and Ratchet components

Precision comb components, small slot size with precision lead, SS and tool steel materials

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